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Our company concentrates its social responsibility strategy mainly in generating consciousness on viewers about how to watch television in a critical way and promote the responsible use of new technologies.

The program is composed by three initiatives "TV goes to school", "To watch you better" and "RSE 2.0".

These three activities are carried out with the collaboration and commitment of our employees who add their knowledge and experience working as volunteers.

Through "TV goes to school" the company volunteers visit schools in Buenos Aires with the objective of developing playful and pedagogical activities oriented for 7 to 13 years old children aiming to generate a critical spirit when watching television. The activities are entirely developed by volunteers who receive internal training to be able to lead this kind of activities.
"To watch you better" is an initiative through which we develop messages to share with the family.

"To watch you better" is an initiative through which we develop messages to share with the family. With several formats, graphics and visual ads we share advices that guide the family to watch television in a responsible way. AMC NETWORKS Latin America currently distributes these contents through its screen and through strategic alliances with our main cable operator customers.

On the other hand, following the technology upgrade and the generation of new platforms, we are working on a new Project called RSE 2.0 aiming to create consciousness on how to use Internet and social media in a safe mode.

Going with the development of its online business and considering that nowadays children are exposed to contents that come to them through different online places and channels, AMC NETWORKS Latin America will work in the minor protection in the web.

The idea of this program is to get them trained and give tools for them to face potential dangers to which they might be exposed as internet users.

To assure the contents excellence of this Project, the company signed an strategic alliance with "Argentina Cibersegura", a NGO that looks for creating a safe digital space working in education and consciousness creation of different target interest groups.

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