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AMC NETWORKS Latin America understands Corporate Volunteerism is the sum of actions promoted and facilitated by the company with the objective of creating and holding a channel of communication to employees.

As volunteers, they offer their time, capacity and skills through different activities in social organizations.

As a company, we are committed to develop that area for our employees and constantly work to improve them.

The volunteer team is organized on three variables of continuity and call: experience, knowledge and motivation. Our challenge is to generate areas of synergy and articulation that contemplate community needs, company priorities and skills and interests of the volunteers.

Organized in different working commissions, the volunteers develop the total of AMC NETWORKS Latin America Social Responsibility initiatives becoming not only the main active stars but also highly motivated volunteers.

"In heroes" is an example of one of global programs of the company. It was born in 2008 and has an annual edition. Through this initiative all the actions carried out by our employees in the community for their owned initiative are rewarded.
The company seeks to encourage the development of volunteer actions among its employees and gives corporative support through money incentives destined to organizations introduced by the rewarded projects.

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